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Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that is geared towards addressing pre-marriage issues, marriage day happenings, and life as married couples. It’s our duty at Meadowbrook Counseling Center to prepare you well in the science and art of marriage. Having a healthy and strong relationship before you marry gives you a better chance of realizing a stable and fulfilling marriage. It helps identify you with your gray areas as you make informed decisions.


When does premarital counseling happen?


Premarital counseling happens when:


  • You realize the need for a spouse.
  • You are seriously involved in a relationship with one partner.
  • When you no longer want to pass time.



Why premarital counseling?


We offer premarital counseling to help equip you with the information you need before you tie the knot. This knowledge will improve your relationship and increase your trust levels.


Meadowbrook Counseling will help you and your partner create a plan that will allow for the both of you to come together under one roof and be able to live in harmony together in the home. Through this process, couples will typically find out more about each other in a shorter period of time compared to if they choose not to go to premarital counseling. Most of the couples who are in the premarital counseling program at Meadowbrook find that it is a fun process for both individuals.


Meadowbrook Counseling Center helps you to determine if there may be issues that could cause problems in the near future if they are not resolved immediately. There may be something that one individual is thinking about, such as having kids or pets, that the other individual is not interested in.


Meadowbrook Counseling Center's premarital counseling sessions cover:


Family background:


We counsel you to:

  • Know your partner’s parents, grandparents and immediate relatives.
  • Make sure you understand their view about important life issues, like Religion, Education, and Lifestyle.
  • Acquaint yourself with biological complications in their family.
  • Get to know your fiancée’s relationship with his or her family at present.


This information will enable you go into marriage knowing what to expect. That way you will limit unnecessary after marriage shock




When two people come together in a marriage, the earliest area of disagreement is often the use of money- and all too frequently it remains the touchiest topic for the life of the relationship. If you are desirous of enjoying your married life, please don’t assume this area.


At Meadowbrook Counseling Center we offer premarital counseling to enable you help answer some of these questions:


  • How shall you spend your money?
  • How about our accounts? Will you be willing to have a joint account?
  • Do you overspend and why?
  • How are you planning to control your expenditure?
  • Can you handle misfortunes such as sickness, unemployment? What about debts or even death?


These and many other financial questions are better dealt with before you get married.




Spousal expectation on sex in marriage is a wide area. We simplify it by providing you with information and resources on when and how to do it. Any conflict in the bedroom can harm marriage irreparably.


It is therefore vital that we offer you premarital counseling on factors that can hinder quality sex, including how you enjoy quality and not quantity sex, being sensitive to the sexual needs of your partner’s pre-sex rituals, contraceptives in marriage, and many more.


Children and parenting:


Knowing when to have or adopt children and how many is important before you get married. We will offer you premarital counseling on this because we believe that devoting time, energy and resources to molding little lives in their period of vulnerability is one of the greatest calling.


Family relationships:


In-laws are a blessing but they sometimes over expect a lot from people intending to establish their family. Knowing how to deal with in-laws will enhance your chances of enjoying your marriage. Couples must not allow parents and other family members to dictate to them how they should relate. So it is vital to settle these issues during courtship.


  • How far shall you consult?
  • What modalities of helping and providing for the aging parents will you employ?
  • Suppose one of you is not accepted by the in-laws for no apparent reason other than incompatible personality. How will you protect him/her?


Meadowbrook Counseling Center also offers premarital counseling to couples contemplating marriage on time management, likes and dislikes, family investments, midlife issues. We will also prepare you on communication, beliefs and values and many more.


Why you should choose Meadowbrook Counseling Center for premarital counseling.


The premarital counseling program will allow you to see those potential problems and resolve them and allow you and your partner’s unique personalities to come together and work together successfully, allowing for a happier and healthier home.


Contact Meadowbrook Counseling Center today if you and/or your partner would greatly benefit from investing in premarital counseling before saying “I Do”.

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