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Individual Counseling 

Would you like to work on self-improvement? Is there an event that happened in your life that you are having trouble coming to terms with? Have you discovered that there's a part of your life not working effectively? Meadowbrook Counseling offers individual counseling services for those who have run into some type of obstacle in their life. 

Meadowbrook’s Individual Counseling program will allow you to overcome these obstacles so you can live a happier and fuller life. Everyone needs help at some point or another, so you should never feel ashamed at asking for it. Meadowbrook values confidentiality, trust, and professionalism. You receive the best treatment available for your personal issues when you seek individual counseling. 

What is Individual Counseling at Meadowbrook Counseling?

The purpose of counseling is to provide help to those who need it. Counseling seeks to help people before the problem becomes heightened to a level in which help is necessary to cope. Counseling comes in multiple ways depending on the nature of the problem it is concerned with.

Individual counseling is geared towards an individual's immediate concerns and upcoming obstacles. Individual counseling may include career counseling and planning, grief after a loved one dies or dealing with problems at a job before they become bigger problems with severe consequences. Individual counseling is a one-on-one discussion between the counselor and the client, who is the person seeking treatment. The two form an alliance, relationship or bond that enables trust and personal growth.

What Happens During Individual Counseling?

People who want advice and help with their problems often go to a counselor to find ways to resolve them. Individual one-on-one sessions, with just you and the counselor, may be all you need.

You will begin by talking about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and the things that are troubling you. Just share what you are comfortable with, although the more you explain to the counselor, the better idea the therapist will have to form a treatment plan that is right for you. 

After the initial visit, in which the counselor learns about what you need help with, the counselor will work with you to set goals or identify the things you would like to accomplish together. The counselor will help you develop different strategies to help you reach your goals. In some cases, this could mean helping you to change your thinking patterns or behaviors, learning new skills or shifting the way you feel and express emotions. 

There are many different ways to overcome obstacles, depending on your unique situation. Meadowbrook’s Individual Counseling program will direct you on how to set goals for yourself in order to overcome these obstacles.  

How Do I Get Started on the Individual Counseling Program?

Some people turn to family members or friends for help. While this is good because they love and care about you, getting a professional, unbiased opinion is often the best course of action.

You may stop by to set up an appointment, call us at 806-410-1408.

At the first appointment, you and your counselor will discuss your issues and set goals that will be most helpful to you. There are many different approaches to managing mental health difficulties, depending on your unique situation. A therapist at Meadowbrook will be able to figure out the best plan of action for you.  

Everyone has stressors in their lives and everyone deserves treatment so they can live a happier and fuller life despite of them. If you are interested in getting the help you need, feel free to contact us today. 

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