Meadowbrook Counseling Center - Groups and Workshops

There are a number of groups and workshops that are put on by Meadowbrook Counseling Center to help you work through any obstacles that you may be facing in a particular area of your life. The groups and workshops can be used in addition to your individual counseling for what type of struggle you are going through.


Some of the workshops that are put on by Meadowbrook include those for widows or widowers, those who have gone through a recent loss, those who are looking for self-improvement, and for those who are looking to find their spiritual self, among many others.


Some of the groups that you are able to join include recovery groups for a number of different disorders that you may be facing, such as addiction, gambling, and eating. Each disorder is unique from other disorders and must be treated as such when trying to successfully recover from one of these addictions.


Meadowbrook will have a calendar available on the website for you to be able to register for groups, workshops, seminars, and retreats.

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