Family Therapy Counseling

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Family Therapy Counseling | Meadowbrook Counseling

Family Therapy Counseling 

Meadowbrook Counseling works with families to help them to solve problems, that most times involve some type of communication problems. Whether it is a lack of communication or a lack of listening or a combination of these and other factors, it is important for each member of the family to be honest with the other family members and with the counselor about what is going on and what they are feeling about those situations.

In order to be able to create an effective treatment plan for the family, the counselor at Meadowbrook must listen to what everyone is actually talking about and must find out why the family members are acting the particular way that they are acting. Every member of the family plays their part in the problems that have arisen within the family and there is always one family member who is the designated enabler and the one family member who is in denial about what is happening.  

The primary goal with family counseling at Meadowbrook Counseling is for the family members to learn how to be successful in their relationships with the other family members by experiencing them directly.  

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