Addiction Counseling

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Addiction Counseling 

There are over 22 different types of addiction that must be treated individually and uniquely. Addictions are chronic based on the severity of the addiction or the type of addiction that you are struggling with. The most common addiction that is seen by Meadowbrook is chemical addiction, which includes meth, opiates, and synthetic drugs among many others.

Some of the most common causes of addiction are deep wound issues and the individual uses the addiction to try to help deal with the issue. One of the most effective tools that is used by the counselors at Meadowbrook is called motivational interviewing. The method of treatment states that you, as an individual, have the right to make choices so long as you are able to understand the consequences of those choices and the patterns of choices that you have made.  

This treatment method works by helping you to make different choices that are based on what you want your life to be and can be motivated to meet their goals that they have set through their treatment plan. Once you are able to get your mind and body detoxed, then you are able to create a roadmap for your life to get you where and how you are wanting to live your life. 

The goal of addiction counseling at Meadowbrook Counseling is to help you develop a roadmap for successful recovery. The counselors at Meadowbrook have watched a large number of people successfully recover from their addiction and it is an awesome experience to witness.  

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